The iReff app requires 3 permissions. Out of which, 1 (PHONE) is mandatory and the other 2 (SMS & LOCATION) are optional. 

These permissions are helpful for the seamless, on-boarding of our users, also avoids unnecessary clicks by the user and reduces the registration time.

READ_PHONE_STATE Permission (Mandatory)

Our features that are dependent on phone state permission    
- check whether your phone is connected to internet.
- identify your SIM details (region and operator) to show customised plans.
- initiate calls (WITH your intervention) to check your balance using USSD codes.
- identify users across multiple devices using android ID and intimate recharge statuses.
Things we CANNOT do with phone permission
- record/listen to your calls
- make calls without your intervention.

READ_SMS Permission (Optional)

Our features that are dependent on sms permission    
- read recharge SMS texts and alert you when your plan is about to expire.
- show the balance of your talktime and data packs.
Things we DON'T do with sms permission.
- read personal and bank related texts. They are strictly avoided using a blacklist filter.
- send SMS texts without your knowing.

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION Permission (Optional)

Our features that are dependent on location permission    
- identifying the  city based on coarse latitude and longitude.
- show customised plans based on your city.
- prevent fraudulent users from exploiting our offers based on the coarse location.
Things we CANNOT do with location permission
- identify your exact location.
- monitor/track your commute or day-to-day timeline.

If you have any more concerns, you can mail us at or raise a ticket at